Amidst the stress and madness of trying to find a place whilst homeless (and couch-surfing with awesome friends whom I’m lucky to have in my life,) I just got an e-mail with some really really awesome news.

I recently submitted a song to a bunch of music blogs/channels to see which ones check their submissions and want to repost music that they like, FOR FREE. I am very pleased to say that the results were far better than expected. Even though 99% of the blogs I e-mailed ignored me (or bounced due to full mailboxes,) the one blog that answered, a blog called Digital High, made my efforts more than worth it.

They decided to blog the track I sent them, Sam Gellaitry – Long Distance (Teaganbear Bootleg). I am absolutely honoured and thrilled. So stoked!!!

The best part of it is that this isn’t just a well-known awesome blog, but it’s also an approved Hypem blog, meaning that any tracks that they blog show up on hypem.com, which is a popular website that collects music from many blogs and charts it (making it an awesome way to find new great music.)

SO, this means that for the first time, you can now search Teaganbear on hypem.com and you can find me, because it will come up with that song: https://hypem.com/search/teaganbear/1/ 😀

Huge shout out to Digital High. Thank you SO MUCH for supporting me!

About teaganbear

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Music Artist (Producer / Songwriter / DJ)
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