Advent Calendar 2017

Hey everybody! Happy wintertime to all of y’all. Just in case you don’t receive an Advent Calendar before the start of December, I would like to present you with the 2017 Teaganbear Advent Calendar!

advent calendar 2017 teaganbear pic picture.jpg

I will post a new song on each day of December!  

Be sure to check my SoundCloud every morning!

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New Show Coming Up!


If you’re in Victoria, BC on Nov 10th, come out to Copper Owl! I’m very stoked to open for Laggards again!

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3 New Tunes Up

3 new Teaganbear tunes up – one is his entry for BSC9, one is his entry for BSC10, and one is his collaborative entry with Litness Monster for BSC10.

You can listen to them below – they are the first 3 tracks in the list:

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YO sorry for the lack of updates. Here’s a new energetic tune that I hope makes up for the lack of teaganbear in your life! ❤

It is also available in WAV download on Bandcamp! Not for the faint of heart.  

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My entry for BSC Vol. 5

Here’s the track I made for BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 5:

Here’s the whole mixtape, with everyone else’s tracks too:

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Brightheart (Original)

My song Brightheart was featured on BangerSound! Check out their crazy cool visualizer that shows you a real-time spectrum analysis of the frequencies in the song.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a song is worth a thousand pictures (or Length of Time of Song in Seconds * Frame Rate would be the exact number of pictures… XD)

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New Website

I’ve given the website a new look, and also added a few pages. There is now a contact form for booking Teaganbear, for getting lessons, for getting mastering, for getting a song made, and for subscribing to Teaganbear e-mail updates

What is Subscribe? Will it just e-mail me the Blog Posts you’re posting? 
No – the e-mail subscriptions are a different entity entirely than this WordPress blog/website. They are recurring e-mails updates directly from me to you. If you subscribe to the e-mail updates you will be kept up to date on everything via e-mail so you don’t have to go check Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc. I will only e-mail you 2-4 times per month, no more than once a week. Click here to subscribe for free.

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