ACTUAL Truth Behind Christianity

These guys word it super well. You are God. We all are. That’s what Jesus was saying. Pick up your cross and put the human race ahead of yourself.

It really has nothing to do with what religion you choose. It’s not about being Christian. It’s not about what you think or believe. It’s about ACTION. It’s about how you live your life.


I was watching this video a while ago

At first I didn’t think much of it, and now I realize this makes total sense. My ultimate identity is nothingness, just pure consciousness because consciousness is non-local and does need to have a body or any object. And maybe nothingness isn’t even conscious, maybe it’s asleep. Maybe it’s like energy and just flows, vibrating and allowing for life and other cycles to occur.

I don’t know for sure. It rings true with all of the psychedelic and visionary experiences I’ve had, and all of my philosophical thinking. To exist is to suffer, because existence is temporary. Nothingness is forever.

Meditation, Consciousness & God

You are God, because God is the “I AM” (consciousness.) Explore your inner being, explore yourself. It may seem “pointless” but ultimately your whole life story is pointless compared to the goal of knowing yourself, seeing reality truly, and taking control of the mind. This is the JOURNEY (not destination) of empowerment, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

If you believe something is important, don’t go tell everyone. Apply it to yourself. FIX YOURSELF, not the world. Don’t preach to others. Not only would it be hypocritical to tell others to do something you don’t do, but you will waste your time trying and failing to fix others’ problems when you could and certainly should have been fixing your own. I know this from experience. ;) My facebook friends probably all are sick of seeing me share 300 controversial perspective-changing things per day.

Marijuana & Spirituality

Been thinking a lot about these two topics lately. It’s interesting how certain so many people are that marijuana is only for fools & addicts & the immature.

This is amazing.

“I have been blessed to perceive a calm humming joy coinciding with an ethereal light that pours from every nook and cranny of space. I did not lose any sense of visual acuity, I just recognized an enhanced depth perception and lucidity. I felt the rhythmic hum of my soul singing along with a great primordial dance. Joy exists within each and every atom! I had but a brief glimpse of the divine. It was my re-established connection to a loving energy that gave clarity on the smallest detail up to the grand scheme. The problems of the past and pain from years ago began to thaw and melt away. Time hung suspended. Translucent pearls of consciousness streamed endlessly amidst an ocean of bliss. I found an inner conviction of immortality beyond the body. Timeless ecstasy and creative passion give birth to the life of everything from plants to the souls of many great beings. Tears of joy and love run down my face as the forgiveness allows me to lose my attachments. Today I see myself in others more than ever before. There is an infinite source of cosmic energy into which we all can develop a connection. There is never a time when this loving presence is unavailable. When the ego’s fear and the soul’s love meet the ego bows and becomes the ladder by which we may climb towards something divine. I now realize that my old self will is now much closer to being aligned with that of a power greater that is much greater than myself.” 

– Tyler Flanders