New Songs

I just posted a couple new songs that I made for BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 17 – The Ocean CypherThis is the 17th volume of our online monthly music collaboration. You are welcome to join in! Anyone can submit tracks, but for future volumes, only our favourite submissions will be included. 

Join in and make Vol. 18 with us here:

You can listen to the 2 new songs individually on my SoundCloud profile or in the player below.

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The Sad Song :(

I was feeling sad, so I did a remix of Ok2222‘s “i’m feeling sad so I made a sad song.”

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2 New Tracks

Check out my 2 new songs for BangerSound Infinite and BangerSound Cyphers!


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Advent Calendar 2017

Hey everybody! Happy wintertime to all of y’all. Just in case you don’t receive an Advent Calendar before the start of December, I would like to present you with the 2017 Teaganbear Advent Calendar!

advent calendar 2017 teaganbear pic picture.jpg

I will post a new song on each day of December!  

Be sure to check my SoundCloud every morning!

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New Show Coming Up!


If you’re in Victoria, BC on Nov 10th, come out to Copper Owl! I’m very stoked to open for Laggards again!

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3 New Tunes Up

3 new Teaganbear tunes up – one is his entry for BSC9, one is his entry for BSC10, and one is his collaborative entry with Litness Monster for BSC10.

You can listen to them below – they are the first 3 tracks in the list:

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YO sorry for the lack of updates. Here’s a new energetic tune that I hope makes up for the lack of teaganbear in your life! ❤

It is also available in WAV download on Bandcamp! Not for the faint of heart.  

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