This is amazing.

“I have been blessed to perceive a calm humming joy coinciding with an ethereal light that pours from every nook and cranny of space. I did not lose any sense of visual acuity, I just recognized an enhanced depth perception and lucidity. I felt the rhythmic hum of my soul singing along with a great primordial dance. Joy exists within each and every atom! I had but a brief glimpse of the divine. It was my re-established connection to a loving energy that gave clarity on the smallest detail up to the grand scheme. The problems of the past and pain from years ago began to thaw and melt away. Time hung suspended. Translucent pearls of consciousness streamed endlessly amidst an ocean of bliss. I found an inner conviction of immortality beyond the body. Timeless ecstasy and creative passion give birth to the life of everything from plants to the souls of many great beings. Tears of joy and love run down my face as the forgiveness allows me to lose my attachments. Today I see myself in others more than ever before. There is an infinite source of cosmic energy into which we all can develop a connection. There is never a time when this loving presence is unavailable. When the ego’s fear and the soul’s love meet the ego bows and becomes the ladder by which we may climb towards something divine. I now realize that my old self will is now much closer to being aligned with that of a power greater that is much greater than myself.” 

– Tyler Flanders


lol @ sites like this

I google ‘God’ a lot to see what comes up, trying to figure out how Reality works in the bigger picture / “outside the box” level. It’s a pointless mission, because what I’m trying to do is understand the workings of an intelligence that is way beyond me and created me to not even be able to understand it as a human being. Maybe in my next life.

Anyways, all that aside, I laugh to myself when I find websites like this: that is titled with a GREAT question: “How is God omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient?”

They then say “To learn more about this, let’s start with the Bible.” Immediately they assume that the reader is Christian and wants to know the Christian doctrine on God. (And let’s be clear, there are MANY sects/divisions of Christianity that differ in doctrine.)

The Christian Bible has much wisdom to offer, but there’s a lot of crap in there too. Remember, it was written by humans who believed they were divinely inspired. I think it’s just as easy to misinterpret a passage from it and hold a belief that is untrue and unhelpful, and not what the writer of that passage of that book of the Bible was intending to convey. It’s easy to call oneself a Christian but when the specifics about what you believe come into play… well, that’s when Christians start arguing with each other. ;)

Instead of the BIBLE, why don’t we look at LIFE? Every day stuff? Other people? Science? Psychology? Our own life experiences? Our own emotions and art and creativity? If God is everything and everyone and everywhere, then… this approach makes more sense to me than reading stories & opinions of divinely-inspired humans in the Bible. Especially since it’s possible to feel divinely inspired by something that ends up being a complete mistake. (I know from experience. ;) )

Check this out!!! This website nails it. They aren’t super specific but this is what I’ve been trying to get at!


I humbly disagree with the 2nd picture’s assumption that God has a gender, and that gender is Male… but other than that, I think these are very true!

“To love is to recognize yourself in another.” – Eckhard Tolle

God is Love <3

This is what I believe:

God is the type of consciousness that is FULLY aware of everything that exists (because it is uncreated and outside of existence)

God does not desire

God does not control or govern

God just is (in the purest simplest sense)

God is just being

God is just peace & love

God is our ultimately true identity, we’re just caught up in Creation right now, trying out an Ego in the ‘videogame of Life’. EVERY SINGLE EGO CAN AND WILL RETURN TO THE SOURCE. We all know this deep down.

God is unconditionally always going to be. Nothing can be outside of the All-That-Is.

Wow, Crazy!

I really never thought of it like this. I like metaphors but I just know too many ‘literalist’ (if that’s the appropriate term) Christians that insist that everything in the Bible REALLY HAPPENED. I do not know if any of it did. Perhaps it all did. Perhaps none of it did. Perhaps some of it and other is allegorical.

I think we can all agree that the important part of The Bible or any religious text or belief/doctrine is that it helps one to live more spiritually (I translate this to “more happily and more harmoniously with others” but that’s just me.)

This website has awesome things to say. I don’t really care whether or not it’s correct. It just made me think about things differently. Check it out: <– About good/evil, life/knowledge, sin/progress.