Birthday Note

August 26th 2013, 5am

I am Teagan Kelk. I was born 20 years ago give or take about 8 hours. I am proud of what I have done and what I have learned in my twenty years of living. I know that I could have lived more intelligently, more positively, more fairly to others, more kindly to myself, more sparingly on the planet, etc. I know I could be more and better than I am.

The biggest thing that I’ve come to terms with over this past year is that I am already at my destination – and I will always be and have always been. The point of life is to live, not to wait until you’re ready to live it right.

I used to fall into thinking that once I got famous for my music, then it would be ‘real life’ as Logic says in one of his tracks. I’d be at my destination and obviously I imagined a happy, perfect, comfortable world to go along with this.

That world doesn’t exist on Planet Earth for anyone for too long until their experience twists for the worse somehow. We have happy feelings and awful feelings in us. We have 1’s and 0’s within us, good and bad feelings, right and wrong decisions, smart and dumb actions, ups and downs, ins and outs, circles and lines, so much DUALITY.

I used to stress myself out trying to do EVERYTHING the right way, and I envied those who could seemingly do everything right without much effort. Now I realize the reason it seemed so easy to them is because it was! When you let go, the thing you let go of often has a tendency to come back to you, eventually. And don’t confuse letting go with giving up. Giving up is a phrase we usually say to describe a surrender on the good guys’ part. Letting go is a more peaceful act of… taking that intense, worked up, anxious, frustrating IDEA that’s crawling around in your head like a spider and letting it… just crawl out of your head. Hey, why did you put a spider in your head anyway?!